#2 - Updates


I think I've done pretty well between the last blog update and now! I made the sidebar a lot more compact- I mashed the "others" and "credits" pages into a Links page now, which has tabs inside of it! I wanted to use the whole #same-page-links thing but that kept making the page start scrolled a bit down below the "links" header, so I ended up making it just using Javascript.

I can't remmeber when I added the drawings gallery, but I've definitely added more drawing, and... there's a guestbook now? I also added a button marquee as well! It scrolls at the bottom, stays the same across pages, and pauses when you hover on it! For extra fun, I added a buttons page which lets you view all of the buttons I have as once. Stories page is pretty much as it is still, though there's one big thing I've added now...


Like, seriously, actual comments??? This comment system is better than anything I could have imagined really. If you want to know what powers the comment system, it's This Widget, which I need to add to the credits page after this. It's pretty awesome. I can also seriously just copy and paste the code, and there's unique comment sections everywhere it is pasted on the site!

Every chapter I write, every blog post I make, they'll all have comments. It's amazing!

Not much to say outside of this. So far these two blog posts have just been updates. I guess I've been thinking that my sidebar might be a bit plain, but I'm not really sure if there's much I can do about that without changing everything. Plus I think the plain still is pretty good. The site isn't meant to be a visual masterpiece, it's just meant to be fully featured.

Only time will tell how it turns out in the end I guess.

The only other thing I think is worth noting is that this blog post system is completely manual- no Javascript outside the normal stuff. Everything is manual. I'll see what I can do in making it more fancy or something, because I'm not really sure how blog systems even normally work. Have fun commenting!